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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Another Superman Returns That Never Happened

Yeah, this would have been crap with Brendan Fraser wearing the tights.
"The bandwagon, revisionist, retroactive bashing of Superman Returns has flown to new heights of ridiculousness. This time it’s Brendan Fraser running around pretending Superman Returns sucked, and apparently it sucked because it didn’t have him in it. That's right, Brendan Fraser. Star of quality films like The Mummy 3.

ComicBookMovie has the partial transcript of an interview in which Fraser claims he was offered the role of Superman before Bryan Singer came in and put together his take on the character. Fraser read the JJ Abrams script that Warner Bros was considering using, and waxes poetic about how much better it was than that terrible Superman Returns movie which everyone lavished with praise until it became fashionable to start hating it and pretend that no one went to see it… even though it didn’t and they did. Welcome to the lynch mob, Mr. Fraser.

Fraser claims the Abrams version was better because it was bigger, spanning galaxies and huge, epic locales. He says, “It was Lord of the Rings. I mean, it was that huge. It was like a 3rd World War on Earth involving different planets and universes, and brotherhoods--sibling rivalry and the collision of enormous powers.” I'm sorry Brendan, maybe you haven't heard. Comparing movies to LOTR is out of style. Now everything is the next Dark Knight.

Regardless, well there’s your answer as to why Warner Brothers never made it. They’d already spent millions and millions of dollars over several years trying to get a new Superman movie made. You think Singer’s movie was expensive? Just imagine how much this galaxy spanning sucker would have cost. Instead, Warner Bros. assumed Superman fans were a cerebral, intelligent bunch and gave them a well thought out, character driven film which fans loved. Or at least they did until a year ago when everyone decided they didn’t want none of that smart guy stuff and all they wanted is to see Superman punch stuff.

Much like Barack Obama, that snob Bryan Singer and his boy toy Brandon Routh are now viewed as a pansy-ass elitists (I heard Bryan Singer may even be gay!), a viewpoint which the notoriously brilliant Brendan Fraser is all for agreeing with, complaining that Singer’s version was “smacking you over the head with a symbolic hammer till you weren't paying attention.” Well, I guess this explains The Mummy 3. Definitely no symbolism in there, and for that matter, probably no need to pay attention at all. The public only wants movies it can watch inebriated, the kind of movies you can catch a good nap in, without feeling like you’ve missed out on any of the plot. Yes, the world would have been a better place if someone had put that hack Bryan Singer out of his misery and cast Brendan Fraser as Superman. I guess I’m an elitist too, because I can’t imagine anything worse."
Via CinemaBlend
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