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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Zombie Stoner Movie

Finally, a movie that shows the apocalypse from the zombie point of view! Indie flick Deadheads follows a guy who wakes up a member of the dead-walking club, and tries to piece his life back together with his zombie buddy and a bag o' weed. This movie could go one way or the other in my book, but we've collected a gallery of stills and the zombie makeup is pretty gruesome, in an awesome way.

According to the movie's synopsis:

The story follows two zombies, Mike and Brent, who find themselves surprisingly reborn from the dead. This is especially unnerving to Mike who can't even remember the events that led to his apparent murder. When Mike discovers an engagement ring in his coat pocket, his direction becomes clear. Mike's untimely death prevented him from proposing to his long time girlfriend and love of his life, Ellie.

Mike enlists his new found zombie friend, Brent, on a quest for his lost love and to unravel the mystery of his untimely death.What ensues is a hilarious road trip across country as the two zombie friends are pursued by a team of bounty hunters employed by the sinister corporation responsible for their zombification.

This could be the zombie buddy movie I've been waiting for (fingers crossed). I'm slightly on the fence because of the ridiculous deadhead = pot head zombie reference, but it's almost too perfect to pass up.

[Deadheads via Quiet Earth]

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