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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Terminator Salvation Details and Poster Revealed!

Terminator Salvation blasted into Comic Con with a life size T-600, and director McG. The panelists talked about how the futuristic world will be bleak, burned up and completely free of race and sex stereotypes (the revolution is multiracial and powered by ladies). But more importantly, they debuted a new trailer for T4 which showed more characters, more Terminators, and a fantastic back and forth between Marcus Wright and John Connor. Click through for a gallery of panel pics, and a recap of the trailer. Beware spoilers.

The trailer begins, and John Connor (Christian Bale) is on the radio looking beat as hell. The radio sparks and asks him how many survivors? Connor rasps into the radio quietly, "One". "What?" cracks the radio with indignation, and Connor screams "One!" and gets up and walks away. Around him is a burnt landscape strewn with Terminator remains. Next, we see a tied-up Marcus Wright (Sam Worthington), face to face with a pissed-as-hell Connor. He leans in towards Marcus and leers as he says, "If I let you go, you'll kill eveyone in this room... You know me, we've been at war. Before I ever existed." Which pretty much seals the deal that Marcus is a Terminator. Next you hear Marcus asking blindly outside what day and year it is? He's met by a young Kyle Reese who leans in and says, "Judgment Day." And then later he yells out "follow me if you want to live." It's amazing how the new Kyle (Anton Yelchin) has captured many of the original Kyle's ticks, including the toothy grin. Then there are a few Mad Max-esque car and motorcycle chase scenes, with Kyle shooting a huge shot gun. Tanks roll over skulls, and then mammoth robot feet crush more skulls. Marcus appears to be escaping with a young boy from the Skynet human research facilities (where humans are kept in pens). Actress Moon Bloodgood (Journeyman) stands topless in the rain and gives the sexy eye to Marcus (Ooh, love connection). John Connor says, "This is not the future my mother told me about." He sounds depressed, then he yells out, "You tried killing my mother, you killed my father, you will not kill me!" Overall, amazing.

So what else does T4 have in store for us. We know that the film takes place after the bombs have dropped in the year 2018. McG won't say what year the big boom takes place, but did tell us in the panel that they took science into consideration, making sure that enough time would have passed for the air to clear so humans could breathe. Sam Worthington concurred, "we studded what flora and fauna would look like in the future after terrible radiation."

Terminator 4 will be a multicultural rainbow of death. Race, sex and religion matter not to John Connor's human resistance, or at least to T4's director. McG told the fans at the comic con Terminator Salvation panel that there won't be a bunch of, "lilly white people running around running things." Which is why rapper Common is helping to lead the resistance.

Sam Worthington also remarked that you couldn't be a pansy to go toe-to-toe with Christian Bale and McG agreed, "You need an actor who can stand up in a two shot and so many actors, that's not for them. You could see the tension in the clip, where Bale says you tried to kill my mother, you tried to kill my father. I won't let you kill me. I think he stands well against him"

The look of the film will be dirty, McG called it "a greasy, grimy and brutal world that we saw earlier from Cameron in Aliens." He also later revealed in round tables that he wouldn't do the film without Cameron's blessing. But was mum about Arnold being back, as it would spoil the movie (which means yes, and it's already been reported that there will be a younger version of Arnold's terminator).

The director seems to be really taken with the fact that we are all doomed. And stated, "Science fiction is over. We live in a world where we can clone sheep. Be careful when you create life because the life you create may kick you in the ass."

Source: io9

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